Amatul-Wadud on her progressive values and 2012 U.S. Senate vote

In a 2016 Tweet I condemned Scott Brown for endorsing then-candidate Donald Trump. In the Tweet, I stated: “Are you freaking kidding me #ScottBrown??? #DonaldTrump?? I even voted for you Scott. Say it isn’t so...”.

This Tweet was in reference to a 2012 vote I cast in the U.S. Senate election. It’s a vote I regret. 

At the time, Scott Brown was represented as supporting one issue that was extremely important to me - care for our veterans. My uncles served our country in the military. One lost his life in service. Brown lost that election, and I’m glad that he did. If I knew then all that I know now, he would have never received my vote. 

Sen. Elizabeth Warren was the correct choice. She later threw her support behind Brown as VA secretary, stating that she believed he would care for veterans. Over the years I have lobbied Senator Warren and I appreciate her work. I will be voting for her in this election without question. 

That 2012 vote - in a world that’s vastly different than it is today -  does not undo the years that I have served our community with progressive values. 

Here’s a brief overview: 

-I put myself through Elms College as a young mother and graduated in 1998. I worked full time while attending law school at night and graduated Western New England University School of Law in 2005.  

-In December 2015 I was invited to join President Obama’s senior staff and other community leaders for a program entitled Celebrating Religious Pluralism. 

-As a commissioner for the Massachusetts Commission on the Status of Women I have worked in support of many important laws. One I am most proud of is having stood on the shoulders of giants and pushing to finalize the Pay Equity Act signed in to law two years ago. 

-In December 2016 I testified before the Massachusetts Black and Latino Legislative Caucus. My testimony encouraged lawmakers to propose and adopt anti-bigotry resolutions. Additionally, I advised them that minority women and girls are particularly at risk for marginalization. 

-In 2016 and 2017 I lobbied federal lawmakers in Washington D.C. including my opponent, asking for them to co-sponsor a number of progressive bills. Two of those bills were: H.R. 3104 (Food Desert Act) and H.R. 3035 (Credit Access and Inclusion Act).

-I’ve spoken at the 2018 Pioneer Valley Women’s March, at rallies in Springfield protesting President Trump’s Muslim immigration ban, rallies against white supremacy and against the inhumane Trump administration family separation policy. 

-I am proud of the strong work that I have done and I look forward to the strong work that we can do together on behalf of our district. 

Sincerely ,

Tahirah Amatul-Wadud 

Candidate for US House of Representatives MA01 of Springfield