Holyoke City Councilor Jossie Valentín Announces Endorsement of Tahirah Amatul-Wadud for Congress

Holyoke, Mass. (June 25, 2018) -- Candidate for Congress in the First Congressional District, Tahirah Amatul-Wadud, has been endorsed by Holyoke City Councilor Jossie Valentín. Speaking about her decision Valentín said, “I am really excited to have a woman like Tahirah running for this seat. Tahirah is a dedicated member of this community who will fight with us and for us, and who is actually listening, carefully and respectfully, to the voices of our community. It is time for a change in DC for who represents our Congressional District 1 communities."

Councilor Valentín explained her decision further, “we are in a really precarious time right now in national politics, with so much at stake, and I believe Tahirah is exactly the right kind of engaged progressive champion we need representing us in Congress. I am proud to cast my vote for her in the primary election on September 4th and I hope other people who are being inspired by Tahirah’s message will come out and join me!”

Amatul-Wadud launched her political campaign in December 2017. With the combination of her “unapologetically progressive” people-centered platform and her unique position as the first African American Muslim woman to seek office in the U.S. House of Representatives, Amatul-Wadud’s candidacy has garnered a considerable amount of national interest and community enthusiasm.

Upon learning of Valentín’s endorsement Amatul-Wadud said, “I am honored to have been endorsed by Councilor Valentín. Jossie is an amazing dedicated community leader who has done so much for Holyoke and for all of us in Western Massachusetts. Getting an endorsement from Jossie makes me really proud and excited to be in this race. As I’ve said before, we are living in one of the most consequential political times of our nation’s history. Because of our campaign, we are already being heard and changing the course of our future. We are restoring hope where, until recently, hope seemed elusive. I am deeply grateful to Councilor Valentín for her confidence in me and for choosing me as a candidate she supports.”

Over the course of her career Amatul-Wadud has received a number of commendations for her service to the Western Massachusetts community. She has advocated before lawmakers in support of agricultural bills, equal pay for women, immigration reform and anti-bigotry resolutions at the district, state, and federal level. Earlier this June, Amatul-Wadud accepted the Women’s Fund of Western Massachusetts’ LIPPI Alumna Achievement Award for her leadership in the Western Massachusetts community.

Amatul-Wadud has received a steadily growing list of organizational endorsements, including those from Indivisible National, Progressive Democrats of America, Williamsburg Indivisible, Franklin County Continuing the Political Revolution, and Rise Up Western Massachusetts Indivisible, among others.

Amatul-Wadud with Jossie Valentín (right) and Mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico, Carmen Yulín Cruz.

Amatul-Wadud with Jossie Valentín (right) and Mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico, Carmen Yulín Cruz.