Open letter to young leaders of Congressional District One

In response to the March for Our Lives Rally

I am proud of you.

I took my 16-year-old daughter, Safiyah, to compete in a speech competition this weekend in New York City. While I was not physically present to participate in the March for Our Lives, from a distance, I logged on to hear every word of your message. I looked at videos and pictures and read your signs. I listened to your policy asks.

My son Moody, a sophomore at Westfield State University, attended the rally in Springfield and saw old friends, met new ones and shared with me what young leaders want. Yours is a movement born of necessity and I support you 100%.

As you build, remember that one of your greatest strengths is being counted so that you are recognized as the force that you are. One way to do that: Register to vote. Register your friends. Don’t stop until every one of your peers are registered. Call my office and my team will help you.

The Massachusetts primary is September 4 - the day after Labor Day. Please use the power of your movement to join me in changing the systemic barriers that make it hard for young people and working families to vote. Until we change it, if you will be away on vacation or away at school the day of this important election, you can participate through absentee voting.

I want more than anything to be your congressional representative so that we can continue to build your future, together.

Yours in solidarity,
Tahirah Amatul-Wadud,
Candidate for the First Congressional District - Massachusetts
March 25, 2018

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