Springfield Attorney Tahirah Amatul-Wadud Launches Campaign

Enters Race for US House of Representatives

(Springfield, Mass., December 18, 2017) Tahirah Amatul-Wadud, an area attorney, will launch her campaign as a candidate for the US House of Representatives for Massachusetts’ First Congressional District. She will publicly announce her candidacy December 19, 2017, in a three stop launch tour throughout the district. The tour begins at McCusker’s Market in Shelburne Falls at 10:00 am, where she will meet with voters and share with them her progressive platform for change. Ms. Amatul-Wadud will then travel to Dottie’s Coffee Lounge in Pittsfield and meet with voters at 1:00pm to discuss her vision. Ms. Amatul-Wadud is no stranger to Pittsfield. In January of this year she spoke at the historic Four Freedoms For All march and rally where she offered a message of hope and a call for people to unite around common values.

The tour concludes in Ms. Amatul-Wadud’s hometown of Springfield at the Central Library on State Street at 4:00 pm where she will join voters, friends and family in celebrating the start of what promises to be a challenging campaign. “I am honored to have so much support in this endeavor,” said Amatul-Wadud. “We are living in times that call for intelligence, tenacity, compassion and fearlessness in uplifting the many voices of this beautiful community of ours. Our district is facing high unemployment, a drug crisis, mounting student loan debt, and uncertainty about our economic security by way of the tax structure and health care options. Our families deserve the best advocacy now more than ever. I’m running because we need change and we cannot wait any longer. I will support working class families and as a member of Congress, I will amplify the voices of the families of Western Massachusetts here and in Washington, D.C,” she said. 

Ms. Amatul-Wadud has been a community advocate as early as 1991 when at 17-years old she joined with Springfield’s Maple High Six Corners Neighborhood Council to demolish an abandoned building in her neighborhood after two young boys were dragged, beaten and left for dead in it. “That crime taught me a powerful lesson. It taught me what it is like to be forgotten. It showed me what happens when certain people are ignored by their elected officials. That a building of its size could sit in disrepair as a death trap, showed me how little value was placed on the lives of the families and children living on Central and Pine Streets,” she states. The young Amatul-Wadud and neighbors demanded the city demolish the building, which had been neglected by its private owner. Ms. Amatul-Wadud has also advocated for various federal policies including immigration, agricultural protection and protection of religious rights.

Born in Queens, New York, Ms. Amatul-Wadud’s parents relocated her and three siblings to Springfield in 1984. “My parents wanted a different pace for us. They felt strongly that Springfield offered more promise. While we missed our family dearly, we were able to visit often, especially my dear Grandmother,” said Ms. Amatul-Wadud. “My mother was raised in the Bronx. My grandparents were Christian, attended a Lutheran Church and were very hard working with eleven children. My parents accepted the Muslim faith when I was about four years old. When my great grandmother passed away, I remember her funeral and burial taking place in her parish cemetery down south. It is from this rich history and childhood that I developed and cultivated interfaith harmony in my life,” she said.  

A 1998 graduate of Elms College in Chicopee and a 2005 graduate of Western New England University School of Law, Ms. Amatul-Wadud has been recognized for her legal work as well as her advocacy. Yasmin Ibrahim, a long time Springfield resident, expressed her admiration for Ms. Amatul-Wadud, “I have known Tahirah her whole life. She has always been a resource in our community and a vocal advocate. She truly loves people and personifies the saying that ‘as you climb, you lift’. Tahirah will lift our community into the strong vibrant one we deserve.”

Ms. Amatul-Wadud is the married mother of seven children, ages 3 years - 24 years of age, and will celebrate her 44th birthday on the night of her official launch. Her siblings and she have all been educated in area colleges and universities. Running on a progressive platform as a Democrat, Ms. Amatul-Wadud will challenge the incumbent Mr. Richard Neal.



Campaign telephone number: 413.351.7874

Email address: Tahirah@TahirahForCongress.com


Press release prepared by the Committee to Elect Tahirah Amatul-Wadud