My Vision

Economic Security For Poor and Working Class Families

workers' rights, social security, living wage, net neutrality

I support protection of workers’ rights, protection of Social Security, raising workers to a living wage, expanding access to affordable housing, strong net neutrality regulations and access to affordable high speed internet for the entire first district.

Provide Quality and Affordable Education

education public school children higher education universal education debt-free

I support a vibrant public school system, universal public preschool, actions to end the school-to-prison pipeline, a strong Civil Rights division within the Dept of Education, and making debt-free college a reality.

Ensure the Health, Civil Rights and Safety of All Americans

capitol civil rights healthcare criminal justice reform immigration

I support Medicare for All, reducing prescription drug costs, combating drug and alcohol addiction by addressing barriers to treatment, ensuring that women's’ health is a matter between them and their providers, criminal justice reform, comprehensive immigration including advocating for Dreamers/ Deferred Action on Childhood Arrival (“DACA”) recipients, protection of voting rights and campaign finance reform. 

Foster a Peaceful, Safe and Secure World

veterans national security gun reform extremism terrorism

I will prioritize the safety and security of Americans by centering freedom and human rights, reforming gun laws, supporting veterans, and combating terrorism and supremacy in all forms.

Combat Climate Change and Build a Clean Energy Economy

Hilltop Orchards in Richmond Massachusetts

I support environmental and climate justice and will take strong measures to protect our clean air and clean water, rural communities, public lands and waters, and natural resources. 

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